July 12, 2016

Allight Collection by Antoliny , Italy

Allight is a composite material which, thanks to a patented process, may reduce natural stone to a thickness of about 1/8” (1 mm) and match it with a glass support.

Unlike any other materials currently on the market, Allight is the only one with such a thickness, which enables transparency and backlit features for many natural stones such as granite, quartzite and marble, which would not be translucent at a standard thickness of ¼”-3/8”(7-10 mm).

The process turns the natural stone into a decorative element, while the whole structural aspect, both physical and mechanical, is left to the glass sizing and design choice. This allows the designer to use this product for all applications where glass is normally used.

Since it is totally similar to glass in its usability, each application necessarily requires the implementation of a technical project which may imply a simple dimensional calculation or a more complex structural calculation. These are features that any design studio may handle, being glass used in the creation of the most different applications since many years and ruled by specific international regulations.

These regulations allow designers to easily work from the design standpoint, since he may choose the kind of glass (standard or tempered), its thickness and quantity (single, double or triple layers – such as in case of staircases design) and even the background colour (clear or extra clear).

For instance, while designing a shower door, the designer will only need to know the size and the fastening system and refer to the applicable rules: this will allow the designer  to safely define the type and thickness of the glass to be used. In the more complex design of a façade (besides applying the above directions) a structural calculation shall be required, which actually already is a standard procedure for the design of glass façades.


Featuring:  Back-lit Taj Mahal Quartzite .

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